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travel Travel: Information and stories from some of the places we have been, mostly backpacking and using local transport. Includes information on some of Australia's lesser-known islands and links to other sites with advice and stories of travel on a budget.
Food Food: Recipe of the month, usually something we like and have tried with some success or even one we have invented, from the large recipe collection. Also conversions between common measures used in cooking plus links to a few other food sites which took our fancy.
Kaye and Geoff Kaye and Geoff: Fascinating details of our lives which we are sure the world cannot wait to hear. Possibly more useful, links to local sites and information on our scenic and interesting corner of the world - the south coast of Western Australia.
Web Authoring Documentation Web Authoring Documentation: How to write HTML and information on web-related topics to help you create web sites. Also how to write CGIs, and lots of links to related web sites for aspiring web authors. Old webmasters don't die - they just retire to the country and carry on playing with computers!
Froggy games Games: A set of javascript-based (Flash not required) blood and guts frog-eat-fly www (world wide wetlands) games created to amuse kids and programmers with nothing better to do. Also a variety of other kids games (vote for your favourite), the old African game of Bao, a population genetics simulation, the numbers card game of Numero, a domestic animal birth date calculation for farmers and an analysis of our search log.