Kaye and Geoff's Recipes - Entrées

Caviar with Small Crêpes


250g flour		1.5 cups milk
salt			2 tbsp melted butter
3 eggs			1 tbsp cognac	

Sift flour and salt. Add the beaten eggs. Mix in the milk, melted butter and cognac gradually, to avoid lumps. Strain the batter and leave to stand for two hours before making the crêpes.

For large crêpes the batter should be like thin cream (add water is required). For `blini' size, add enough extra flour at the mixing stage to a pikelet consistency and use a soup spoon to drop the batter onto a hot buttered frypan.


Caviar or lumpfish
Hard-boiled eggs
Chop whites and yolks separately, then combine. Use just enough whites to complement the yolks, and discard the rest. Lightly season with salt and pepper.
White onion
Blanch briefly in boiling water to reduce the flavour a little. Cool in iced water, dry, and chop finely. Add a touch of lemon juice and cove until serving.
Sour cream
Mix with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper, and a dash of tabasco.

These four ingredients can be served as an entrée plate in separate mounds beside full-size crêpes, or pikelets, or, if you prefer, make a hollow in a mound of combined onion and sour cream and fill it with the chopped egg.

A fresh prawn with a few chives, dill or parsley sprigs makes a good garnish.

Quantities can be easily varied to fit your guest list, and surplus piklets can be layered in wax paper and stored in the freezer.