Froggy games

On the web there is the Australian National Insect Collection page with all things arthropodal, the fabulously amphibious froggy page and even our own frog list, but only here are these internet resources collected together and distilled into an interactive virtual wetland-in-the-raw experience which introduces you to swamp life without even getting your feet wet.

Have you always wanted to swat an annoying mosquito or midge, but had to desist because of the danger of upsetting the delicate balance of nature of which the flying pest is an integral part? Who hasn't? Have you ever heroically resisted the urge to poke the rear end of a frog just to see it jump? Of course you have!

Well here you can give in to your primal urges by co-opting kermit to annihilate insects to your heart's content. Just wield your mouse frogwards in the cyberspace wetland and discover the joys of insecticide and frogilation!

When originally written, we could not be sure that these games would run on all browsers. Quite a bit of time has passed since then (More than ten years! Where did all that time go?) and now there should be no problems unless you try to play the games on a museum piece. The five games below are different modifications of the same basic froggy fun. We have not tried them all with modern browsers to see if the problems which led to multiple versions have gone away. Our experience over the years suggests that some have, but others have not. Part of the problem is that large parts of the interaction between Javascript and the browser is not presribed in the language, or elsewhere. Anyway, javascript programmers and browser war historians may be interested in the original technical notes.

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