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  Froggy games: Where it all started in a time long, long ago - five versions of the froggy game, all loads of fun, each designed after the previous version showed up problems with a particular browser or platform (sigh...... ). This game is easy to play and the only losers are the bugs - very PC.
  Bluemoon: We think that this single-player card game derives its name from the fact that winning it is a rare event, but it can be completed in one move (once in a blue moon). So it is easy to play but not so easy to win.
  Bão: Old African game where stones or seeds are distributed amongst holes. Sounds simple? Do not be fooled. This is just one of many versions of this type of game and some of them are very sophisticated and challenging. This version was shown to us in Malawi.
  Population genetics simulation I: A single locus two allele stochastic simulation - it actually performs gametogenesis and fertilization to determine the outcome. It can be used to illustrate the effects of random events in microevolution as a contrast to the deterministic algebraic approach normally used when teaching population genetics. For those who can not tell their Hardy from their Weinberg, it is very easy to play, but what does it mean?

  Population genetics simulation II: The same as the one above, except that the population size can vary throughout the simulation. Try it after you have some experience with the constant population size version.

  Numero: Having fun with numbers. This card game was invented by Frank Drysdale as a way of keeping his mind active while playing with his grandchildren. Maths teachers discovered the value of the game in teaching mathematical concepts to children, and now it is used in schools in Australia and in other countries. In this game you play the computer - it will certainly win if you do not concentrate.
  The Wizard of Oz: No need to follow the yellow brick road, you can build it yourself to get past the mountains and into the castle before the cowpats hedge you in. There are no dung beetles to save you if you fail at this game.
  Concentration: How good is your memory? As the name suggests, this game requires your full attention, but if you play it against the clock you cannot take your time.
  Pyramid: Your chance to demolish a pyramid (of cards - you did not think that pressing keys on your computer could destroy 4000 years of Egyptian history did you?).
  Findwords: When we were travelling in 2015, to fill in time we used to play a word game on our iPad (maybe called Word Bubbles?), but afterwards it got lost somehow and now we cannot find a satisfactory replacement copy. So we wrote one ourselves, but maybe not quite the same as the original, since we disagree on some of its features. There are a number of examples to challenge you.
  Plane: The aim of this game is to get the aircraft into the hanger, but before you can play you have to work out the rules.
  Crossword: A regular crossword. The javascript code is data-driven, which means that once a new crossword is designed it is relatively easy to update to the new version. However we are probably too lazy to change the puzzle at any reasonable interval, but now and then the urge may overtake us.
  Spot the difference: The two pictures look the same... but are they? Look closely to find where the sneaky artist has made minor changes to one of the pictures.
  Pegs: Seven games in one! You will be hung out to dry by this one - completing the game with just one peg left is not easy, and it is even more difficult to have it in the centre hole. When all else fails the computer will show you how it is done.
  Jigsaw: Concentration required here, but it is not too difficult to rebuild the view of the main street of Denmark, a small town in the southwest of Western Australia. A puzzle and travelogue in one!
  Spy code: Budding James Bonds will love this one. Communicate with your fellow spies in code. Everyone else will be bamboozled by your messages which just look like random strings of letters, but this game will let you unscramble them. How cunning is that!
  Diver: Collect pearls and other treasure, but you will not succeed if the denizens of the deep block your path. See how well you score and even record your score so that you can compare it to other players - can you get to the top of the diver premiership?
  Up and down: Scale the (card) mountain peaks. Match the cards to get to the top of the mountain and claim it for yourself.
  Saint George and the dragon: You had better be careful if you do not want to get incinerated by the fire-breathing dragon. You are safe once you reach the castle, but watch out for the man on the cart!
  Add up: See how good you are at arithmetic. If you get the sums right then you will be able to try subtraction. Hours of fun with far too much redeeming social value.
  Puzzle: Try it with numbers or try it with pictures (or for an extra thrill - do both!). You just need to get the scrambled tiles back into their original position. Good luck!
  Word train: How many five-letter words can there be? If you have the letters, it should be easy to put them onto the train in the correct order. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it is a bit more difficult than you might think.
  Vote for your favourite game: Which game is best? Not everyone agrees, but here is your chance to leave a lasting legacy in the world of online games - tell us which one you like the most. Better than Facebook!
  Domestic animal birth date calculator: Not really a game, but there was nowhere else to put it. Just the thing for all those country people who need to work out when they will be free to take their holidays.
  Analysis of searches on this web site: Is this a game? We look at it a bit that way. While most of the information is reasonably predictable, we are amazed by the number of people who apparently want to do culinary things to crayfish.

Kaye and Geoff