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This documentation is primarily an introduction to creating web pages using HTML, but also includes information on related subjects. You can learn HTML from scratch by navigating through the pages in turn using the menu at the bottom of each page, or you can consult the pages individually as an introductory reference to their particular topics. Most pages include links to other sources of related information on the web, and we encourage you to use the power of search engines to find out more for yourself.

While there are lots of programs available which will write HTML from a WYSIWYG interface, none do as good a job as you can by coding the HTML from scratch (and some do a very, very bad job). Learning to write your own HTML also encourages a greater understanding of the World Wide Web and the internet, and ensures that your pages are as standards compliant as possible; and as this documentation will hopefully show, is not difficult to do.

While writing HTML is reasonably straightforward, Javascript and CGIs and a couple of the other topics covered by the later pages are much more complex. If you are not interested in this stuff or do not have a programming background then you can ignore these or leave them until you feel very comfortable with your knowledge of HTML and want to learn more.

This information was originally compiled by Kaye when she was the webmaster at Edith Cowan University as part of her investigations into the web and to provide a resource for staff and students; since then it has intermittently been revised, reformatted, extended and updated.


spacer Starting with HTML spacer Basic HTML file structure, tags and their attributes
  More HTML tags   More tags, entities and general advice
  Creating web sites   Some non-HTML stuff which is useful to know
  Tables   Laying out web pages
  Images   How to include pictures in your pages
  Graphics   Finding, creating and processing pictures for the web
  The HTML head   The head section in HTML files, also doctypes and XHTML
  Using colour   Backgrounds, fonts, colour conversion
  Forms   Using forms: getting information from web pages
  Frames   How to use frames, if you want to
  Clickable Maps   How to make clickable image maps
  Animation  Animated GIFs and Javascript
  Even more HTML   Stuff not covered elsewhere: more tags, DHTML
  Web tools  Counters, searching, bulletin boards, site statistics and more
  Cascading style sheets  The basics of using style sheets
  Javascript   A limited introduction to adding dynamic behaviour to your pages
  CGIs  More dynamic behaviour: writing your own common gateway interfaces
  Graphics "on-the-fly"  Pictures behaving dynamically
  Ajax  Dynamic behaviour without leaving the page
  HTML reference  Look up all the tags and attributes

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