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We are retired. Before we relocated from Perth to the country, Kaye was a university webmaster and Geoff was a groundwater modeller in the state public service. Kaye has an economics degree and Geoff has degrees in biology. We both have postgraduate diplomas in computing.

When we left the city we moved to a small 17 hectare "lifestyle" farm near Youngs Siding, approximately 20 kilometers from Denmark and 35 kilometers from Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. The farm was about one quarter remnant native vegetation and the rest pasture, with a house, a shearing shed and a couple of dams.

We planted a small orchard of fruit and nut trees and started a vegetable patch, while working on removing weeds and encouraging the native bush to expand. To provide firewood and timber we planted several stands of exotic eucalypts and other species. The existing timber-framed house was demolished and replaced with a two-bathroom two-bedroom brick house. Over the years we increased the number of outbuildings, erecting a garage and three sheds to act as workshop, studio and for computer storage.

The vegetation on the farm was unfortunately damaged in the past by sheep grazing, but still contained some interesting plants and fungi. It supported a large variety of native birds, kangaroos, bandicoots and bush rats, as well as small insectivorous bats which can be seen fluttering around in the evening sky. Tiger snakes and other reptiles are common in summer and frogs bred in the dams and our artificial pond. We have separate pages with more information about Youngs Siding, the local flora and fauna and the wider region around Denmark and Albany.

As we have got older the work involved in looking after the farm, plus the relative isolation and need to drive to get anywhere convinced us that a move in to town would be a wise thing to do, preferably while we were still young enough to manage the process in the way we wanted to, and before it was forced on us by circumstances. Even before we purchased the farm we owned a house in Denmark which we rented out. It was well located just a couple of blocks from the shops, and had a small soldier-settlement cottage which was well on the way to falling apart.

So we demolished the cottage, removed the existing trees and built a retaining wall on one side of the block so that we could fill it with soil to make it level. Then we owner-built a new house, taking nearly four years to complete it. More than half of the people who worked on the construction were friends from Youngs Siding - amazing given the limited number of people who live in the area.

Although we did not plan it when we left the city, our working lives seem to have followed us - we maintain a number web sites and sort out a few computing and internet problems for friends and local people and organisations. We do this for free since we seem to be able to live within our means and most of our clients could not afford us if we charged anything like market rates - and it means we get to know some interesting people.

Geoff has always been interested in photography, and over a many years of working, travelling and living in various places, has built up a large collection of pictures, some of which can be seen in various photo galleries. We update and add to the galleries on an irregular basis. You might also like to have a look at the photos in Kaye's fungi slideshow and our travel pages. For those who just like to look at the pictures, we have collected together links to all the photo galleries in our pictures page.

In 2010 we travelled along the Mediterranean through Spain, southern France, Italy, Tunisia, Greece and Turkey. One of the most fasinating places we visited was the World Heritage-listed region of Meteora in Greece. The weather was cold and misty, so it was easy to believe that the spectacular monastries balanced precariously on top of huge pinnacles of rock were haunted. We had a glimpse of something in the shadows in a stone-paved room and Geoff took a picture; when we got home we used it in a web page to document our travels.

Amazingly we seem to have captured a long-departed spirit and so now we have a haunted web page. Don't believe me? Then click on the picture on the left and wait and watch carefully.

It occurred to us that we might have created the first web page ever to be used as a home for a poultergeist, so we did a search for the phrase 'haunted web page'. It turns out that this situation is much more common than you might think, although the spirits do seem to come in different forms. So we wonder if a web page can be exorcised? A search on the internet did not reveal anyone specifically offering this service.