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Around the South Coast

Denmark is sited on the Denmark River and Wilson Inlet (the inlet extends over to Youngs Siding) and has a good swimming and surfing beach. The climate gets wetter to the west of Denmark so that there are tall trees and lush undergrowth.

Albany, to the east, is one of the largest rural cities in Western Australia, with about 25 000 people. To date it has no tall buildings, no traffic lights and no metered parking, and we hope it stays that way for a long time. Albany is sited on Princess Royal Harbour, leading out to King George Sound - it is a wonderfully protected waterway surrounded by gentle hills.

North-east of Albany are the Stirling ranges, one of the few high ranges in Western Australia. Although Western Australia has no alpine regions, every few years it get cold enough to snow on the Stirlings, but the snowfalls are light and melt away rapidly. Further east from Albany the rainfall drops off, the land is dryer with more stunted scrub and less tall trees.

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