Central Europe - Getting there - Tioman Island

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  • Neither of us likes long flights, so we wanted to stop off somewhere interesting on the way to Europe. Since we were flying in and out of Istanbul, our options were very limited. I would have liked to go via Sri Lanka or Mauritius, but time and money dictated that it would have to be Singapore or Dubai. We chose Singapore, having figured that we could have five nights for a stopover, giving us enough time to go up to the east coast of Malaysia. tioman Island lookmed nice and laid-back, with good skindiving, so that is what we did. We stopped in Singapore the first night, since we arrived late, then caught an early morning bus up to Mersing, and a ferry out to Tioman.

    In Mersing it became fairly obvious that we had to choose a port to go to, which effectively meant getting a booking into one of the resorts. We used a local travel agent, who booked us into Berjaya, a couple of kilometres from Tekek. Berjaya was huge - around 850 cabins - and not at all the sort of place we we normally choose to stay. However, it was on the best side of the island for snorkling, with a reef just of the beach.

    Tioman was really too hot and humid for walking. We did walk into Tekek, where I nearly passed out from dehydration (OK, I never drink enough water), but we generally restricted ourselves to the resort and the local restaurants just outside the gates, and had a rather lazy skindiving holiday.

    We went back into Mersing for much of the last day, then caught the bus back to Singapore and flew out that night.

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