Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands (2012)

This was to be an unusual trip, with five countries offering totally different experiences. In addition, Geoff decided not to go at all, so Kaye travelled with her sister Carmel and, for the first week, with Carmel's South African friend Judy.

The trip is written up in eleven sections:

Because of the nature of the places we visited we flew between most destinations. We hired a car to travel around Kruger, and we had a car or a boat with a driver in the Okavango Delta. We used a car and driver for some sections of Madagascar, but also used taxi brousse where it was a reasonable choice. In Reunion we once again used a hired car, and we had an organised taxi driver in Mauritius.

The trip was just fantastic. We saw large numbers of game animals in southern Africa, and found that a month in Madagascar wasn't enough - we only just glimpsed the country, and there are lots of places I would have liked to have seen that we hadn't a hope of getting to. It all takes a lot of time. We didn't like Tana right from the start, and it didn't improve with subsequent visits, but Madagascar just got better and better the longer we stayed. Reunion had the most awesome scenery up in the mountains, and Mauritius was surprisingly good (I hadn't expected to like Port Louis or the beach, but I was wrong on both accounts).

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