Hong Kong

No King Kong gorillas in the mist, but we certainly had Hong Kong in the mist - three days of clouds and rain.

We had scheduled a three-night stopover in Hong Kong just to break up the flight from Perth to Seoul. Breaking a long tradition of just turning up in strange places without a booking, I'd found a hotel through the internet, so it was a simple matter to get the bus into Kowloon and go find Lee Gardens, which turned out to be in Fook Yuen Mansions. It was close to 8:30 by the time we arrived, so we went searching for dinner - chinese roast duck, of course.

Spent the next day dodging rain, in and out of the huge shopping complex down on the harbour and walking all around the waterfront. Despite the weather we took the Star Ferry over to Hong Kong, walked through the amazing overpass system then up to the cable car. Went up to the Peak - totally in the clouds with about 30metre visibility and rain setting into a steady downpour. Scuttled back down to the ferry and shelter at our hotel.

Nothing opens in Hong Kong before 10am, frustrating for people like us who like to get going earlier than that. A search of Kowloon only led us to Starbucks, opportunistically open for breakfast. We took the MTR to Tung Chung on Lantau, then a bus to the Po Lin monastery and the big buddha. Lots of cloud swirling around, but there was an occasional gap. We then caught the bus to Tai-O fishing village, but it was a bit of a let-down, with no real fishing village - just a walk around a concrete walkway out in the bay, and a huge queue for the bus back to the main town. [now, months later, I can see what happened - we were in an area away from the village, and only walked out to the recreation area in a loop - we needed a map to see that the stilt village was further away]

Took the MTR back to Kowloon, then we walked around Kowloon Park in spitting rain, watched the last of the kung-fu, and headed back to the hotel. The next day we had time to walk to the jade market, but again we were too early, and very little was open.

Leaving for South Korea was interesting - its the first time we've had to take a train within the airport to get to our departure lounge.


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