South Korea and Japan (2013)

We decided to go to Japan, but it seemed a bit silly to just fly there and back without seeing something of the countries on the way. Besides, we hate long flights, and try to break up the journey as much as is practical.

The trip is written up in 10 sections:

Predictably we flew to Hong Kong and then on to South Korea. Within South Korea we travelled by bus on the mainland, took the ferry to Jeju, but flew back to Busan/Pusan to save time - it would have taken two days to backtrack on our ferry/bus journey to get there. We took the ferry to Japan.

Once in Japan we made extensive use of our Japan Rail Pass, taking trains almost everywhere. Occasionally we did have to find a bus where the railway didn't go, and we used ferries when required.

Our accommodation was varied, from Youth Hostels and backpacker places, to business hotels; we also stayed in Ryokan and a private apartment. Most was fine, although a couple of places reminded us of travelling forty years ago, when we stayed in some pretty basic places because that was what was on offer for accomodation we could reasonably afford.

We spent more time in South Korea than we'd originally anticipated. We had some time constraints, with commitments back home before the start of June; without these limits we might have stayed longer in Japan, and I'd like to return, particularly to Hokkaido, where we simply ran out of time.

I made up a little quiz for anyone who has travelled in South Korea and Japan (actually, it was written specifically for someone who lived in both countries, but I decided to make it public). The photos aren't our best ones - they are more targeted to let me ask questions about the places we visited, and many of the questions are frivalous, but you might like to test your visual memory of the region.

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