Early travels

These trips happened before the web existed, and were never written up at the time. This is a series of short summary sketches from memory, just to fill in our impressions of the major places we have been to since the middle of the 1970s.

  The grand tour by campervan (1976)
  Overland from Europe to Australia via India (1976-1977)
  Working but still finding time to look around (1977 - 1979)
  A short trip to attend computer courses with a few diversions for our own interests (1978)
  Katmandu and trekking around Anapurna in Nepal, the Great Trunk Road and down the west coast of India, then Burma before its name was changed to Myanmar (1979-1980)
  The "Indian" republics - Peru, Equador and Bolivia including the Galapagos Islands and fabled Machu Pichu (1983-1984)
  Mexico, Belize and Guatemala via the USA - because we could not go to Africa (1986-1987)

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