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Central Europe 2015 Central Europe 2015 - A loop from Istanbul going through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, the Peloponnese and a few Greek islands before going back through Turkey. Includes a preliminary stopover in Malaysia for a bit of light relief.
Portugal and Spain 2014 The Portuguese Camino 2014 - Walking in Portugal and Spain, from Porto to Santiago de Compostela, with sight-seeing breaks in Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, Santiago, Bilbao and Madrid. One month of late European spring.
South Korea and Japan 2013 South Korea and Japan 2013 - Two weeks in South Korea (while North Korea threatened nuclear war) followed by six weeks travelling the length of Japan, from Yukashima in the south to Hokkaido in the north. Lots to see in such a short time - could have done with a longer holiday.
Africa and Indian Ocean Islands 2012 Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands 2012 - A week in Kruger National Park (South Africa), a week in the Okavango Delta (Botswana), followed by the main object of the trip - a month travelling around parts of Madagascar. Finished off with a week in Reunion and a few days in Mauritius to wind down. All totally fantastic!
Mediterranean Europe 2010 Mediterranean Europe 2010 - Australia to UK and Ireland via Brunei, Dubai and Muscat, then visiting some of the bits of Europe we missed in 1976, following the Mediterranean from southern Spain to Turkey, with a side trip to Tunisia.
Central Australia 2005 Central Australia road trip 2005 - 15000 kilometre camping trip to Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin and the Kimberleys
Southern Africa 1998 Southern Africa 1998 - Local transport from Durban through Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe (ending at Victoria Falls and Hwange Game Park), then by private car from Durban, south to Capetown and up to Namibia (including trekking the Fish River), back through Botswana to Johanesburg via Kruger National Park
South America 1997/98 South America 1997/8 - Backpacking from Sao Paulo in Brazil to Paraguay and Bolivia (via a bit of Brazil), from far northern to far southern Chile, including the boat from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales, south to Ushuaia in Tierra del Feugo and back up Argentina, through Uraguay, to Sao Paulo
Lord Howe Island Lord Howe Island 1994 - the World Heritage listed island off the Australian east coast; skindiving and walking including climbing Mount Gower, the highest point on the island
Sikkim Sikkim 1992 - by train and bus from Calcutta to Darjeeling and then to Gantok (capital of Sikkim), trekking towards Mount Kangchenjunga in north-eastern Sikkim, returning to Darjeeling and trekking along the Indian/Nepalese border; finally back through Calcutta and down to Orissa
Cocos Island Cocos Island 1991 - a coral atoll in the Indian Ocean; skindiving and walking on the reefs and amongst the coconuts
Christmas Island Christmas Island 1991 and 2009 - a remarkable oceanic island, home to numerous endemic species of plants and animals, the most famous being the land crabs which move in their millions to and from the ocean each year to breed
Trans Sahara 1989/90 Trans Sahara 1989/90 - by Dragoman truck from Europe through Morocco and Algeria, across the Sahara Desert through Mali and Burkina Fasso to Togo, then backpacking through Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mali to Senegal and the Gambia
Thevenard Island Thevenard Island (Mackerel Islands) 1986 - a small sandy island west of Onslow in Western Australia - fishing, sharks and whales and a bungarra who just loved eggs
Older Trips Anywhere else? - summaries of older trips, starting in 1976. Europe, the hippy trail to India and Oz, New Zealand, America - north, central and south, India and Nepal
All trips Alphabetic List - links to all of our trips by country name and region - an easy-find guide if you are looking for some particular information. It includes a bonus slideshow for each place.
Other travel sites Other travel sites - for backpackers and those looking for places off the beaten track anywhere in the world, including links to time and currency converters plus a few sites of interest to travellers to Western Australia and its south coast

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